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Case Study

Gauteng Department of Education successfully launch e-marking of live exams in South Africa

Gauteng Department of Education successfully launch on-screen marking of live exams


Gauteng Department for Education (GDE) wanted to understand how education technologies could be harnessed in the Gauteng province to make the marking process more efficient, without risking the quality of the marking itself.​

Download this case study to find out how:

  • GDE used a series of non-live and live pilots to give stakeholders confidence that e-marking is comparable to paper marking in terms of results awarded

  • E-marking reduced the pressures of the previous marking system which had required examiners to travel, sometimes for 3-4 hours, to marking centres.

  • E-marking gave GDE access to real-time data showing how marking is progressing and how students have responded to particular questions, enabling them to analyse that insight and feed it back into the education system to improve the curriculum.

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